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You’ve got a heart of gold.

You’re an amazingly talented intuitive- or want to be.

You want your life to be about more than just you. You deeply want to serve people.

You want to support your life with your life’s work.

And you have a fantabulous sense of humor to boot.

You're our kind of people.


IPPA is here to support you- and all psychics, intuitives, healers and lightworkers of all kinds- in doing the transformative work you’re called to do, but also supports you in the lifestyle you want to live.


We help you in three ways:

  1. Certification through our signature online course, Psychic MBA™ Academy.
  2. Ongoing support for our students with monthly coaching calls to support your development.
  3. A directory listing so that your potential clients see that you take your work seriously and are legit.


I’m Monica Juliana Lara- Director of the International Professional Psychic Association + Creative Mind behind Psychic MBA™ Academy. As a pro psychic and Soul Coach, I’ve served hundreds of kindred spirits through my readings, energy medicine, hypnotherapy, and intuitive coaching sessions.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been honing my craft + serving clients in igniting their soul power, and becoming manifesting masters, so that they can live an abundant and magnificent life.

Today, I continue to offer these transformative sessions, along with supporting the psychic community in conjuring their own high-level businesses in the sacred arts. Ready to accelerate your own success? Join me in the IPPA today!


You can find me on my personal site at


You may already know this, but you have a very unique superpower.

Everyone has inherent psychic-intuitive abilities.

This superpower can help you create your own version of happy, provide the self-confidence to make positive life changes + understand your life on a deeper level.

Not only that, you can use your superpower to create in-depth transformation for other people when you become a Certified Professional Psychic with Psychic MBA™ Academy.


Would it be useful to you….

  • to call on accurate & reliable guidance whenever you want to?
  • to ‘see’ the outcome of your decisions before you make them so you can make the best choice for you? 
  • to find out why you’re having issues manifesting your desires + how to fix it?
  • to find the perfect career/business to suit your unique calling + personality?
  • to learn how to create a healthy relationship to money so you can make more + manage it wisely?
  • and so much more?


How It Works

You get immediate + lifetime access to all 7 modules.

Each module is delivered via pdf + audio.

Complete + turn in homework for each module.

Once they’re all done, you get a shiny new Professional Psychic certificate!

*If you'd like to take PMBA for personal development, no worries! Just don't turn in the homework.


What you’ll learn in Psychic MBA™ Academy:



How To Be A Clear Channel

You’ll learn the main reasons for blocked intuition and how to clear them. You’ll also learn the key to accessing accurate, precise + reliable information is the ability to set aside your ‘stuff’ and you’ll learn how to do it quickly- this will transform your life! And don’t think your first module is easy- you’re going to jump right in to your first reading after learning the anatomy of a reading: logging on + off, accessing information, determining the right method for yourself + clients, and intuitive ethics.


Spirit Guides + Spiritual Discernment

In this module you’ll be hypnotized + journey to your own soul records to clear blocks to your intuitive development and blast the door wide open to your psychic abilities…..all while being led by your own Spirit Guides. You’ll learn the varying types of Spirit Guides that exist, how to create spiritual boundaries, and discerning real Spirit Guides from trickster spirits.


Connecting With Angels

By now you’ll have become an expert at being a clear channel…..just in time to learn how to access the higher dimensions and the beings that exist there-particularly Angels. Meet your Guardian Angels and learn to work with the Archangels for varying situations. You’ll learn how to raise your vibration to maintain your stamina during a reading. call in Ancestral Support for yourself and clients, and journey to alternate dimensions.


Mediumship & Paranormal Understanding

Learn the varying methods of connecting to loved ones on the other side and how to verify their identity for clients. Use their energy body to determine what spirits are around them. Find out how to tell the difference between earthbound spirits, residual energy, poltergeists and more. You’ll be asked to do a paranormal investigation!


The Akashic Records

The Akasha is a metaphor for the non-linear space where all information from every being in creation, in all time is stored and can be accessed. You can tap into your soul record to learn of past lives, soul purpose and calling, potential challenges, to clear present life blocks, meet your ancestors, gain a  deeper understanding for your life experiences and relationships, and more!


Psychic Manifesting-Creating The Future

Master the art of inspired action! This is the most misunderstood and overlooked 
piece of conscious manifesting. Learn how to use your Intuition to manifest your 
desires, find and overcome blocks to manifesting, find your true desire, call in 
desired people and situations, and learn the practical action to take to manifest 
successfully. You’ll also  ‘see’ paths of possibility + determine outcomes for 


Psychic Detective

Learn how to read the energy of objects, how to tap into the energy of people, 
places and things in order to find them. You’ll learn remote viewing and timeline 
jumping. Very useful when you lose your keys and also if you’d like to do 
professional work with law enforcement or for client requests.


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FYI: We don't offer refunds on Psychic MBA™ Academy due to it being a digital course.




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